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Management Consultants Specializing in:

Safety & Health

Error Free Performance

Human Resources


Synebar Solutions, LLC

281 Bazan Loop

Corrales, NM 87048

(614) 578-4225


Our Mission:

  • Provide client underwriters with factual, objective risk information which will enable them to select, price and retain quality business for the attainment of their companies' growth and profit objectives.
  • Assist our client carriers in attracting and retaining quality, profitable business by providing loss control services to their insureds that the insureds will recognize as valuable.
  • Provide insured businesses with information, resources, guidance and counsel that will assist them in overcoming the barriers that prevent them from attaining their own objectives for efficiency of operations, conservation of manpower, reduction of waste, and control of insurance costs.



We represent Hurtado & Associates for safety and loss prevention services. If you are a member of that program, click here .